How Hiring Security Guards Statistically Lower Crime Rates in Your Business

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Workers opening their establishments in Canada have high odds of being affected by shop theft. According to News Wire, the vice has caused Canadian retailers to lose over $3 billion annually. Fortunately, retailers can prevent such losses by hiring security guards.

Interestingly, some establishments are not too keen to hire them. They think doing so is an unnecessary expense. However, the hiring cost is not as expensive when you compare it with the losses from crime. Bark estimates the cost of hiring a security guard to be between $15-30 per hour.

Businesses have to think of security guards as an investment. Remember, they guard items that are worth millions.

After understanding the importance of guards, this article will explore how they lower crime rates. Here are details as to how they do that:

1.    Their Presence Alone Deters Crime

Most of the time, security guards do not need to be active to prevent crime. Once they stand in front of the establishment, potential thieves will be intimidated by their presence.

After all, who would want to steal knowing very well the guards are watching? Moreover, thieves also get intimidated by huge security guards.

At 365 Patrol, business owners can hire static guards. If they do not find static guards appealing, they can hire mobile patrols. These are more intimidating than static guards since they are always moving. That means the thief knows the mobile guard could spot them at any time.

2.    They Do Routine Patrols Around the Establishment

It is crucial for a security guard to know all corners of the business they are guarding. Doing regular patrols around the establishment helps in this regard. Through their patrols, they may come across spots that can house intruders.

Once they discover them, they can guard the area while focusing on them. If the guard is unable to guard the areas, calling for backup could be the best thing to do.

3.    They Detain Criminals

Security guards do not have the power to arrest anybody, but they can detain criminals. After doing so, they call the police to apprehend them. They seize them by using handcuffs. Bear in mind that highly trained security guards can only be allowed to have handcuffs.

The job of the security guards does not stop with them surrendering the criminals to the police. They must give an eyewitness account of what the criminals did. The information the police receive could motivate them to boost security around the establishment. However, the police could consider the move if the criminal activities are frequent.

Additionally, detained criminals deter other criminals from robbing the establishment. That is because they understand what could happen to them if they continue with their crimes.

4.    They are Available 24/7

In most cases, business owners close their businesses during the holidays. Some criminals understand that the owners will not be around and will attempt to rob the establishment. Thankfully, security guards can work over the holidays to guard the business while the owner is away.

Owners can also hire security guards to protect their business while they sleep. 365 Patrols ensure that security guards work in shifts. Therefore, owners do not have to feel like they are overworking security guards.

5.    They Monitor CCTVs for Any Suspicious Activities

When security guards monitor the cameras, they will understand how criminals make their way to the establishment. As a result, they will guard while paying attention to the spots they enter from.

Also, the security guards will report to the authorities about the crime the cameras have captured.


Hopefully, owners understand how significant security guards are in lowering crime. People intending to start a business do not have to play the role of guards when they can hire them.

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