5 Signs Your Calgary Building is Vulnerable to Crimes

In today’s world, you never know what will happen tomorrow. Abuilding can be safe and secure one moment, but then the next, it might become a crime-ridden space with poor security measures. However, signs to look out for indicate a building might be vulnerable to crimes sometime in the future. In this article, you’ll learn […]

Why Construction and Industrial Sites Should Hire Security Guards

Construction and industrial sites can be messy, dangerous places with lots of potential for theft and vandalism. To protect company assets, many constructions and industrial site managers hire security guards to watch their properties. These locations are also excellent candidates for private security services because most guards can remain on-site around the clock without creating […]

How Hiring Security Guards Statistically Lower Crime Rates in Your Business

Workers opening their establishments in Canada have high odds of being affected by shop theft. According to News Wire, the vice has caused Canadian retailers to lose over $3 billion annually. Fortunately, retailers can prevent such losses by hiring security guards. Interestingly, some establishments are not too keen to hire them. They think doing so […]

Loss Prevention: A Must for any Retail Business

The administration of retail losses has become more challenging and demanding as retailing becomes an ever-more sophisticated and competitive sector. This article compiles a loss prevention manual for merchants, outlining the main reasons for shrinkage, including solutions. 1.    Put Your Store in Order Inefficient store layouts might make it simpler for thieves to steal items without […]

How to Prevent Theft in Retail Stores During the Holiday Season

Don’t allow stealing to harm your retail business this upcoming holiday. It is critical to set it up for the inflow of clients. Recent statistics show that more and more consumers are starting their holiday shopping sooner than in previous years. Here are some suggestions to assist your business reduce stealing during the Christmas rush […]