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For oil & gas security trust 365 Patrol to secure your site. We understand the comprehensive and diverse security requirements in the oil and gas industry due to the many sites and potential hazards involved and specialize in providing security for all types of oil and gas companies.

In the dynamic and often volatile world of oil and gas, security remains a paramount concern. Ensuring the safety of assets, infrastructure, and personnel demands a robust, multifaceted approach. Our comprehensive oil & gas security services are designed to meet these challenges head-on, offering unparalleled protection against both physical and digital threats.

From roaming field patrols to entry point enforcement at small office locations and everything in between, we’ve got you covered.

365 Patrol can work with you to develop specific security policies for any location, including entry and exit procedures for oil fields, tank farms, refinery operations, and equipment storage areas.

We offer on-site security services raging from simple entry point enforcement to mobile patrols and safety hazard prevention. No matter the type of security required, we can provide exactly what you need. Contact us today to work with us in developing a customized and detailed security plan for your organization.

oil & gas security for refineries

Oil & Gas Security For Refineries

365 Patrol stands out in the field of security services, offering exceptional expertise in the protection of oil, gas, and energy sectors. A local leader for Calgary security services, we bring unparalleled proficiency in deploying highly trained security personnel who specialize in safeguarding the complex and critical infrastructure of these sectors.

With a commitment to excellence, 365 Patrol has achieved recognition for adhering to the highest standards in security practices, setting benchmarks for quality and reliability in our services. Our team comprises energy security specialists who bring a wealth of knowledge in planning, implementing, and managing security protocols for high-risk and regulatory compliance sites.

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Dependable Security with 365 Patrol

Our services include in-depth risk assessments through collaborations with top-tier partners, and regulatory training courses. 365 Patrol is committed to offering unmatched security solutions, meticulously tailored to meet the specific needs of your operations.

  • Intelligence-Led Security Operations: We can employ dedicated risk analysis managers (RAMs), ensuring a proactive approach to security through informed operations.
  • Journey Management Services: Our journey management encompasses extensive coverage, utilizing armoured vehicles equipped with the latest tracking and monitoring technology to ensure safety across hundreds of miles.
  • Commitment to International ESG Standards: 365 Patrol adheres to ESG standards, conducting thorough impact assessments tailored to each business to minimize our environmental footprint and ensure social responsibility.
  • Specialized Mobile Patrol Services: We offer dedicated mobile patrol services for facilities, even in the most remote areas, ensuring your assets and personnel are protected under all circumstances.
advanced perimeter security solutions for Oil And Gas Security

Advanced Perimeter Security Solutions

Enhance your oil & gas security with our state-of-the-art perimeter security solutions. Utilizing the latest in technology paired with our expertly trained security staff, we offer unparalleled surveillance and protection for your entire perimeter.

Bodyguards and Static Guards in oil and gas refinery

Bodyguards in High-Risk Sectors

Minimize potential downtime and mitigate threats with our focused emergency response strategies, specifically developed for bodyguards operating in high-risk areas. We design and implement bespoke response plans to ensure quick and decisive action in critical situations within the high-risk sectors.

security consultancy and risk evaluation for Oil & Gas Sector

Security Consultancy and Risk Evaluation

Gain an advantage over potential threats through our professional risk evaluations, pinpointing weaknesses in your oil and gas infrastructure. We provide tailored security strategies drawing from deep industry insights and the most current intelligence on threats.

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