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Whether as an add-on to an existing security program or as a standalone service, virtually any business can benefit from mobile patrol security services. Unlike static guard services, mobile patrolling services involve guards patrolling either the whole property or designated areas on foot or in a vehicle. This means that security patrols are, by nature, extremely versatile and can be tailored to practically any business’s needs.

Unfortunately, the thought of hiring a mobile security service seldom crosses many business owners’ minds, and they instead choose to go with more standard and conventional services like static guards and CCTV systems. While both have their advantages, neither of them is as effective as a crime deterrent or provides emergency response as quickly as mobile security patrols. On top of that, mobile patrol security can prove to be one of the most cost-effective security solutions for businesses and can save you thousands in the long run. Here’s a more detailed explanation of what each of these benefits entails.


Simply put, opportunistic criminals are less likely to ply their trade in or around your business if they know that guards are patrolling the area. Having security guards patrolling your premises also makes it easier for any good Samaritans nearby to report any suspicious activity or persons around your business. This often undervalued yet obvious benefit is undoubtedly the main reason business owners should consider mobile patrol security — especially those that need to cover a large area or secure valuable equipment.


Unless it happens right in front of them, by the time a static guard or security company can respond to a crime or emergency, the damage would be done. Slow emergency response times alone cost businesses all across Canada hundreds of thousands of dollars every year. Mobile patrolling services are essentially better equipped to immediately respond to any crimes or emergencies in progress, therefore offering a more active and engaged approach to business security.


Last but not least, when compared to static guard services, mobile patrol security often works out cheaper. This is because business owners can typically choose how long the guards are on duty and only pay for the time and services they need. Hiring a static security guard or installing CCTV cameras to protect every window or piece of equipment on-site is both impractical and expensive. On the other hand, engaging in mobile patrol services ensures you’re making the most effective use of your budget and aren’t spending too much securing low-risk areas. However, that’s not to say that mobile security guards can completely replace on-site security guards, and many security experts will rightly recommend a combination of the two if your budget allows.


Whatever level of security you need for your business, 365 Patrol can help you develop a security protocol tailored to your specific needs. Connect with us today to find out more about our mobile patrolling services and what makes us one of the leading security companies in Calgary and Edmonton.

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