On Site Security

As a leading security company in Calgary and Edmonton, 365 Patrol is fully equipped and prepared to professionally handle all of your on-site security guard needs.

Contrary to mobile security patrols or mobile security services that travel from site to site throughout their shift, a static security guard is posted in a specific location over a period of time and can provide a variety of different security services based on location and client requirements.

365 Patrol offers entry-point security solutions to suit practically any location. Our courteous and professional security guards can efficiently staff checkpoints and verify the credentials of anyone passing through, keeping both the location and other employees safe. You won’t catch them napping in the guard box!

On Site Security Guards

Calgary & Edmonton Static Security Guard Services

Alternatively, static security guards can be stationed at a specific point, keeping an eye on things as people move about and operations carry on. By their very nature, static security guards develop strict and specific protocols wherever they are station, and ours are trained to remain vigilant in spotting, reporting, and even dealing with any issues that may arise. Rest assured that your security needs are our guards’ top priority regardless of where they’re stationed.

Our professional and qualified personnel can be assigned to practically any location in Calgary and Edmonton to provide a multitude of security solutions customized to our clients’ individual needs. When it comes to static guard services, 365 Patrol simply cannot be beaten.

Stationary security guard protocols specifically designed based around your safety and security needs.

Proactive consultation to develop the proper security policies based on decades worth of security industry experience.

Respectful and friendly guards focused on providing unbeatable customer service.

Professional and courteous credential verification and bag search procedures.

Vigilant premises monitoring with little to no impact on client operations.

Dedication to the continued maintenance of safety and security at any location.

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