Why Apartment Buildings Need Mobile Security Guards

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Apartment buildings can contain a large number of people, including children, teenagers, adults, and elders. Some apartment complexes are in places where it is unsafe to walk outside alone at night. Others have recurring issues that require attention, such as specific neighbours who do not get along. ‍

When many people live in close quarters and are connected to the “outside world,” problems arise. As a result, it makes sense for apartment complexes to hire security guards who can help keep the peace, report any crime they spot, and/or aid residents with issues such as loitering, trespassing, vandalism, or theft.

What Security Guards Can Do

On Site Security Service

Apartment buildings that hire security agents send a message to would-be thieves or criminals that someone is observing the premises. Thieves like to work in areas where they are not observed or noticed. Having officers patrol the halls or grounds of apartment complexes serves as a visible deterrent to criminal activity.

Furthermore, when security sees people who appear to be there to cause trouble, they can speak with them, ask them to leave, and/or call the police to deal with them. A security officer can have the confidence and guts to confront a stranger far more easily than a fearful old woman, for instance.

The premises and parking lots can be patrolled by security officers. When necessary, they can walk residents to their cars or apartments. Furthermore, security personnel can also monitor apartment building entry and log guests in and out of the property to keep track of who is there.

Security officers are trained to handle emergency circumstances if and when they arise. They may be asked to communicate with emergency services and/or law enforcement officers, as well as assist in the management of difficult situations.


Security Guards Are Visible Deterrents

The physical presence of mobile security guards serves as a powerful deterrent to potential criminals. Regular patrols and the visibility of security personnel can discourage burglars from targeting properties due to the heightened risk of being caught.  The mere presence of uniformed guards increases the perceived risk of getting caught, which is a powerful deterrent based on the Routine Activity Theory. This theory posits that criminals are less likely to commit offences when they believe there is a high chance of apprehension. The sight of a security guard can trigger this perception, making potential offenders reconsider their actions.

From the residents’ perspective, mobile security guards foster a heightened sense of safety and security. This psychological comfort can lead to a more vigilant community where individuals are likely to report suspicious activities and engage in collective safety measures. Regular patrols by security personnel also promote a sense of order and discipline within the community, encouraging adherence to rules and maintaining a peaceful environment​ (Security Guard Training Canada).

By blending psychological insights with advanced security measures, mobile security guards create a robust deterrent against crime, significantly lowering the incidence of burglaries in apartment buildings and condos and enhancing the overall safety of the neighbourhood.


Hiring Security Guards Means Domestic Issues Are Handled Quickly in Apartment Buildings

Unfortunately, most crimes occur closer to home than any of us would want to admit. Many individuals underestimate the severity of domestic abuse.

Domestic violence affects 24 people per minute. As a result, most crimes reported in your building will involve domestic violence.

When you hire a security guard, they can respond to these situations immediately. Further, not only would this benefit the victims, but it would also protect your property from serious harm and potential dangers.

A well-trained security guard understands how to manage these circumstances. They can also give proof if needed.


Security Guards Make Great Eyewitnesses

When a crime occurs, having a security guard nearby allows them to report all they see.

That’s great since not everything a security guard witnesses is violent. It’s also useful to have a security officer on duty to detect which dog owners don’t pick up after their pets.

However, if a break-in occurs, it will be a security guard who observes who left the building thereafter. Security guards are also very reliable witnesses.

Having one posted in your building increases the likelihood that any crimes will be solved quickly. It also makes your building a more secure and less likely target for criminals.


Hire a Personal Security Guard Right Now For Your Condo Or Apartment Building!

Hiring a personal security officer for your apartment building is a no-lose situation. You know you’ll always have someone trustworthy on hand to help you manage your property and keep everyone who lives there safe.

Having security personnel on your property adds a significant amount of value.

However, it is important to hire highly trained security guards. This is where we step in. We are committed to assisting you in keeping your tenants and building safe.

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