Five Steps You Can Take to Secure Your Construction Site

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Some workers do not think a construction site needs to be kept secure. They think only certain businesses, such as banks and warehouses, require security. However, construction sites need security since people can steal tools and materials such as lumber and copper.‍

Construction theft is more prevalent in Canada than some people would think. MHCCNA claims that a study revealed that Canadian companies lost tools worth $1,600. Any worker who has a construction site should secure it to prevent such losses. What steps can the workers take to secure their construction site? Here are some things they can do.

  1. Hire Security Personnel

There are many security firms that workers can consider. A good place for workers to start is 365 Patrol. Our security personnel has been trained on how to secure construction sites. They do not only protect the worker’s construction site but also protect it from hazards such as fires.

365 Patrol personnel understand that each construction is unique due to varying requirements. Some construction sites need patrol guards, while others require perimeter security. Thankfully, every construction site is manageable for us due to our numerous years of experience securing such places.

  1. Install a Camera System

Cameras are enough to deter criminals from stealing. After all, who would be desperate to steal knowing the camera is recording them? Besides scaring away thieves from stealing, workers can get evidence of theft that they can take to the police.

If you are intending to install a camera you should ensure it captures the entire construction site. If you cannot position it to capture the whole site, they can place it to target specific areas where the tools and materials are.

  1. Erect a Security Fence

Workers choosing a fence must ensure it envelops the job site, including trailers and storage places. A good fence for this purpose is the chain-link type. When workers choose a fence, they should take one that is at least 8 feet. A high fence like this one is challenging for thieves to climb and jump over.

Next, the worker should make sure there is a clear zone around the fence. A clear zone is an area with no obstacles. Without obstacles, the thief has nowhere to hide, making it easy to spot them.

  1. Install Security Lighting

A dark construction site gives thieves the confidence to steal since they know people cannot clearly spot them. To reduce their activity, it makes sense to install security lighting. There are different lighting systems workers can use, but we recommend bright white lighting. This lighting provides good color differentiation, making it easy to identify thieves.

There is a risk that workers may face when installing security lighting. Some thieves are smart enough to know which lines to cut to disconnect the lights. To prevent the thieves from cutting the lines, the worker must keep them very high or bury them.

  1. Purchase a Builder’s Risk and Contractors Equipment Insurance Cover

If a company does not insure its construction site, it will feel the pinch as it pays from its pockets. Fortunately, with insurance coverage, workers only need to contact their insurance company for compensation.

The price of this cover can fall between 1-4% of the total cost monthly. It is up to the worker to decide the percentage they want to pay. The premium prices differ depending on whether workers want to include professional fees and debris removal.


Some workers may argue that these security measures are costly. Rather than finding them costly, they should view them as an investment in their business. As long as there are no security measures, thieves will continue to steal items from the construction site. Workers who do the math will realize what they stole exceeds the cost of security.

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