What Security Services Are Available To Enhance Public Safety In Calgary?

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Most residents of Calgary are concerned about public safety and are seeking ways to enhance security measures in their communities. Fortunately, a range of security services are available to help enhance public safety in Calgary. From private security companies offering patrol services to CCTV monitoring and alarm systems, there are various options to choose from. We will explore the different security services in Calgary that help residents make informed decisions about enhancing public safety in their neighbourhoods.

Law Enforcement and Police Services

Law enforcement and police services are primarily provided by the Calgary Police Service (CPS). These services help enhance public safety in Calgary and are funded by municipal government resources. This budget draws on various sources, including property taxes, business taxes, and other forms of municipal revenue.  The CPS is well-equipped with specialized units designed to handle most aspects of law enforcement, from traffic control to violent crimes and cyber threats. Officers in the CPS engage with the community through outreach programs and educational initiatives to foster a collaborative relationship between the police and the public. This engagement helps in understanding and addressing local safety concerns more effectively.

Calgary Police Service (CPS) Operations

Police operations in Calgary are primarily handled by the Calgary Police Service (CPS), which is responsible for enforcing the law, preventing crime, and maintaining public order. The CPS operates 24/7, with officers deployed strategically across the city to ensure a rapid response to emergencies and incidents.

Community Policing and Engagement

The Calgary Police Service (CPS) places a strong emphasis on community policing and engagement to build trust and collaboration with residents. Community officers work closely with neighbourhood groups, schools, and local organizations to address concerns, provide crime prevention education, and foster positive relationships between the police and the community. Programs like “Coffee with a Cop” and community forums allow residents to interact with officers in a casual, open environment. These engagements facilitate dialogue, where community members can express concerns and learn more about policing efforts in their neighbourhoods.

Plus, the CPS organizes various community events, such as town hall meetings, neighbourhood watch programs, and youth engagement initiatives, to encourage open communication and enhance public safety in Calgary.

Specialized Tactical Operations

For high-risk situations, CPS operates specialized tactical units such as the Tactical Unit, Bomb Squad, and Canine Unit. These units receive specialized training and equipment to handle dangerous and critical incidents, including hostage situations, bomb threats, and armed confrontations, to enhance public safety in Calgary during times of imminent danger.

Youth and School Programs

CPS places a strong emphasis on youth engagement and safety in schools through programs like the School Resource Officer (SRO) program. SROs are stationed in schools to provide guidance to students, prevent youth crime, and offer early intervention and support for at-risk youth. These initiatives are crucial for fostering a positive relationship between young people and law enforcement and indirectly lead to safer communities, better education and ultimately enhance public safety in Calgary.


Advanced Surveillance Systems

Some of the most advanced surveillance systems available to enhance public safety in Calgary include:

  1. CCTV Surveillance
  2. Usage of Drones for Aerial Surveillance

CCTV Deployment in Public Areas

Surveillance cameras play a crucial role in monitoring public areas, deterring criminal activities, and assisting law enforcement in investigations. In Calgary, CCTV deployment in strategic locations such as transit stations, parks, and high-crime areas has proven to be effective in enhancing public safety. Transit Peace Officers patrol trains and buses, ensuring compliance with transit laws and responding to incidents but are few in numbers relative to the large area and number of stations they need to cover.

Usage of Drones for Aerial Surveillance

The use of drones for aerial surveillance provides law enforcement agencies with a bird’s eye view of large areas, making it easier to track down suspects, monitor crowds during events, and conduct search and rescue operations. Drones equipped with advanced imaging technology can capture high-definition footage and provide real-time data to first responders on the ground.

Deployment of drones for surveillance purposes requires strict adherence to privacy regulations and operational guidelines to ensure their effective and ethical use in enhancing public safety.

Private Security Firms

Roles and Responsibilities

In Calgary, private security firms play a critical role in enhancing public safety. These companies offer security services, including manned security, mobile patrols, alarm response, risk assessments, and CCTV monitoring. By maintaining a visible presence and quick response times, these firms help deter criminal activities and provide peace of mind to the community.

Integration with Public Safety Initiatives

To ensure overall public safety, private security firms in Calgary work closely with law enforcement agencies and public safety initiatives. By sharing information and collaborating on security protocols, these firms contribute to a more coordinated and effective approach to maintaining order and preventing crime in the city.

Integration with Public Safety Initiatives

Integration with public safety initiatives also involves private security firms participating in community crime prevention programs and public safety campaigns. This collaboration fosters a sense of shared responsibility between the private sector and the public sector, ultimately creating a safer environment for all residents and businesses in Calgary.

Emergency Response and Disaster Management

How The Fire Department and EMS Enhance Public Safety In Calgary

Department of Calgary Fire Department and Emergency Medical Services (EMS) play a vital role in emergency response and disaster management in the city. The Fire Department is responsible for responding to fires, motor vehicle accidents, and other emergencies, while EMS provides timely medical assistance to those in need. These services work together seamlessly to ensure the safety and well-being of Calgary’s residents.

Coordination with Security Services During Crises

The coordination of security services during crises is imperative to ensure a swift and effective response. The Calgary Emergency Management Agency (CEMA) collaborates with various security services, including the police, fire department, EMS, and other stakeholders, to coordinate efforts during emergencies. This coordination ensures that resources are effectively deployed and that responders are well-equipped to handle any situation that may arise.

Response: In times of crisis, such as natural disasters or large-scale emergencies, the coordination of security services is crucial for a successful response. Through effective communication and collaboration, Calgary’s emergency services can work together to protect the public and minimize the impact of disasters on the community. By having a well-coordinated and integrated approach to emergency response, Calgary can enhance public safety and resilience in the face of various threats.

Cybersecurity Measures To Enhance Public Safety In Calgary

A recent survey conducted by KPMG reveals a startling increase in cybercrime incidents among companies in Alberta, with more than 50% reporting having been targeted in the past year. This marks a significant rise in cyber security threats in the region, reflecting a broader national trend.

Key Cybersecurity Stats in Calgary

  • Prevalence of Cyber Attacks: Over half of the businesses in Alberta have experienced some form of cyber attack, ranging from phishing to more sophisticated ransomware attacks.
  • Increased Awareness and Investment: In response to the rising threat, Alberta companies are significantly boosting their cybersecurity budgets. Nearly 80% of businesses are planning to increase their investment in cyber defences over the next year.
  • Challenges in Cyber Security Expertise: There is a critical shortage of skilled cyber security professionals in Calgary, Alberta, which is compounding the challenge for businesses in fortifying their defences against increasingly sophisticated cyber threats. 53 percent don’t have a plan to address a potential ransomware attack
  • Only 44 percent say that cybersecurity is a “priority”, yet over the past year and 55 per cent paid a ransom to cyber criminals.

Protection of Digital Infrastructure

For effective cybersecurity in Calgary, the protection of digital infrastructure is crucial. This involves implementing technologies and protocols to safeguard networks, databases, and critical systems from cyber threats. By deploying firewalls, encryption methods, and intrusion detection systems, organizations can enhance their resilience against cyber attacks and ensure the continuity of operations.

Public Awareness and Education on Cyber Threats

For a comprehensive approach to cybersecurity, public awareness and education on cyber threats are crucial. Calgary residents need to be informed about the risks of cyber attacks, such as phishing scams, malware, and ransomware, and how to protect themselves online. Educational campaigns, workshops, and resources can empower individuals to adopt safe digital practices and contribute to a more secure cyber landscape.

Protection of public and private data is a shared responsibility that requires collaboration between government agencies, businesses, and individuals. By raising awareness about cyber threats and promoting best practices in cybersecurity, Calgary can strengthen its defence against evolving digital risks that threaten public safety and privacy.

Enhance Public Safety In Calgary Conclusion

Drawing together the various security services available in Calgary, it is evident that there are several options for enhancing public safety in the city. From private security companies and alarm systems to community police officers and video surveillance, Calgary has a range of resources to ensure the well-being of its residents. By utilizing these services effectively and working in collaboration with law enforcement agencies, the community can create a safer and more secure environment for everyone. It is necessary for individuals, businesses, and community organizations to proactively take steps to ensure their safety and contribute to the overall security of Calgary.

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