Five Reasons Businesses in Calgary Should Hire Security Guards

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It is incredible how some businesses in Calgary operate without security guards. In fact, many businesses worldwide do not hire them. Some people in Calgary do not hire security guards to reduce the cost of paying them. They would rather play the role of security guards. However, such business people forget that they lack the skills required for the role.‍

Since the business person lacks the necessary skills, an assailant can easily overpower them. That is because they lack weapons and the fighting techniques to defend themselves.

There are other reasons why businesses in Calgary need security guards besides facing possible attacks. Here are five reasons why businesses should hire security guards as soon as possible.

  1. To Safeguard the Company From Loss

Shoplifting has become rampant in Calgary for a while. CBC reports that shoplifting rose steadily by 62% between 2014 and 2018. As a result, the crime has led to several losses for Canadian retailers. The Retail Council estimates that Canadian retailers lose up to $5 billion in a year.‍

At 365 Patrol, we assign security guards strategically to curb shoplifting losses. Businesses can offer to hire static guards or mobile patrols. Our security guards do not only prevent losses from external retail theft. They have also undergone training to prevent internal financial losses.

  1. To Stop Physical Altercations Within the Office

Shoplifters are not the only reason to hire security guards. Sometimes there may be altercations among staff members. Also, a visitor may pick fights with workers. If the altercations are not stopped on time, someone may get injured.

365 Patrol guards can identify when a visitor may be problematic for a business. They have been trained to watch out for people who appear suspicious. When the person enters the office, the guards keep an eye on them. Once they exhibit signs of starting fights, the guards can swiftly drag them out.

  1. To Respond to Certain Emergency Situations

Workers cannot predict certain events that may occur in their businesses. When the events occur, they are left confused about what to do. How would a worker respond if part of their shop suddenly burst into flames? What would happen if a worker was having a heart attack?

Once you hire our guards, you will not face these problems alone. The guards control fires by evacuating people to safety. After that, they sound a fire alarm so that the business does not burn to the ground.

In case a worker has a heart attack, our security personnel can perform CPR since they are trained in first aid. Without a security guard, the worker would pass on.

  1. To Open or Close the Business

There are reasons that may cause a business person not to open their business on time. Perhaps, their child is sick and needs to attend to them. In such a case, the security guard can open the business as the owner heads there. Additionally, the security guard keeps the business secure in the owner’s absence.

Sometimes, a business owner may receive an emergency in the middle of work. The emergency may occur two hours before the closing time. Our guards will be pleased to close your business while you are away.

  1. To Protect Workers Who are Working After Hours

There are tasks that a worker may need to complete by a certain time. They will have no choice but to prolong their stay at work. Fortunately, our security guards are more than happy to wait for you to finish your tasks. That means workers can choose to reduce the next day’s workload by working after hours.


Workers intending to start a business in Calgary should hire security guards as soon as possible. Businesses that choose us will enjoy many benefits besides the protection of life and property. Consequently, your business will thrive without internal or external obstacles.

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