6 Qualities That Make  a Great Security Guard

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Anyone working in security knows that being assigned this job is not easy. Security guards are often in unique situations. They are sometimes looked down upon due to the nature of their profession. However, this should not stop anyone from wanting to become a security guard. It should only encourage you to research how to make this job a rewarding career.

Fortunately, there are many great security guards out there. They have risen above the rest by displaying unique qualities that set them apart from their peers. If you aspire to become an excellent security guard one day, keep reading to learn the qualities a guard must have:


In order for any relationship to work, it takes honesty and trust. In the same way, if someone wants to be an excellent security guard must be honest with themselves and their customers from the beginning. Many security companies today require their workers to undergo a drug test. While this might seem like an invasion of privacy, protecting the company and the clients is necessary.


The ability to take responsibility for one’s actions is a trait shared by very few people. If you want to stand out from the crowd, one of the best ways to do so is by taking accountability for your actions. Not only can you do this on the job, but you can also apply it to your personal life. If you make a mistake, do not be afraid to admit it.

Learn from mistakes and then make sure not to repeat them. Every boss and customer appreciates honesty and accountability for each action. Responsibility can make guards stand out from the rest and get promoted to better positions in the company.


As mentioned before, being a security guard requires good shape. It would help to be disciplined enough to maintain a healthy diet and exercise regimen. Being disciplined does not mean you must be a bodybuilder to be a good security guard. Many companies look for fit guards who do not look overly muscular.

However, to be an exceptional security guard, you must be fit enough to participate in all security-related activities, such as running, walking, climbing, etc. Moreover, being fit can save lives if you are in an emergency situation.

Communication Skills

Being able to communicate effectively with others is a must for any job. However, for a security guard, this skill is even more critical. With the ability to communicate, you can diffuse many situations before they go out of hand.

Guards can also prevent unnecessary altercations by communicating with customers; for example, if you work in a high-stress environment, you must know how to talk to customers to keep them calm and happy.


Most security companies require their guards to have impeccable impressions. Therefore, to be an excellent security guard, you must be well-groomed. Professional appearance helps you get hired, but it also makes your customers feel comfortable.

To look professional does not mean you have to shave your head, wear a tie, and put on a suit all day. However, guards should be clean, neat, and presentable, which can improve their overall performance and get them promoted simultaneously.


Recognizing when something is out of place can be very helpful when on the job. However, this skill is only applicable when having an innate curiosity. By being curious and asking questions, you can make connections that help prevent problems before they occur.

Bottom Line

Being an excellent security guard takes work. However, everyone can achieve greatness with the right amount of passion and patience. To be a successful security guard, you must be honest, accountable, disciplined, well-groomed, and curious.

Moreover, you must be able to communicate with customers effectively and be able to recognize red flags before they become problems. In the end, guards must also be willing to work hard and seek new opportunities.

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