Preventing Shoplifting – Strategies For Retail Security

Preventing Shoplifting - Strategies For Retail Security

Shoplifting poses a significant threat to retail businesses, leading to billions of dollars in losses each year. Implementing effective strategies preventing shoplifting for retail security is crucial to protect merchandise, reduce revenue losses, and create a safe shopping environment for customers and employees. With the right prevention measures in place, businesses can deter shoplifters and […]

10 Tips To Combat Vandalism And Littering In Public Spaces


There’s a growing concern about the impact of vandalism and littering in public spaces, and it’s crucial to address these issues before they escalate further. Implementing effective strategies to combat vandalism and littering is necessary for maintaining a clean and safe environment and community. Here are 10 tips to help you take action and make […]

What Security Services Are Available To Enhance Public Safety In Calgary?

how security services enhance public safety in Calgary

Most residents of Calgary are concerned about public safety and are seeking ways to enhance security measures in their communities. Fortunately, a range of security services are available to help enhance public safety in Calgary. From private security companies offering patrol services to CCTV monitoring and alarm systems, there are various options to choose from. […]

Private Security Firms Safeguarding VIPS And Celebrities

It’s imperative to understand the crucial role that private security firms play in safeguarding VIPs and celebrities.  From red-carpet events to everyday activities, these high-profile individuals often face security threats, making the expertise of private security firms invaluable in mitigating risks and providing personalized protection.  Here we dive into the specific responsibilities and measures taken […]

Are Canadian Cities Getting More Dangerous? The Rise Of Homelessness And Crime Rates

care canadian cities getting more dangerous

It’s crucial to address the growing concerns surrounding the safety of Canadian cities as homelessness rates continue to rise and crime rates follow suit. Despite being known for its reputation of safety and security, recent statistics indicate a worrying trend that cannot be ignored. In 2024, many of us ask “Are Canadian Cities Getting More […]

Car Thefts Are Commonplace In Canadian Cities

car thefts in Canada -safeguarding your vehicle

Car Thefts Becoming Common In Canadian Cities – Safeguard Your Vehicle Most urban dwellers rely on their vehicles for daily transportation and convenience, but with the rise in car thefts across Canadian cities, safeguarding our vehicles has become a crucial concern. Recent statistics show a concerning uptick in vehicle thefts with a vehicle being stolen […]

Rethinking Security: A Call for Change in the Wake of a Tragic Loss

rethinking security - in the wake of a tragic loss

In the heart of Downtown Edmonton, the tragic demise of a security guard under suspicious conditions not only casts a shadow over the community but also ignites a critical dialogue on the safety, training, and compensation of security professionals. This incident, embedded within the broader narrative of urban safety and the valour of those who […]

Examining The Pros And Cons Of Mandatory Security Guard Certification Requirements

Security Guard Certification Requirements

Security guard certification requirements are becoming increasingly popular in the security line of work as a result of a variety of pros and cons. On the plus side, mandatory security guard certification ensures that guards are well-trained and qualified to perform the job duties required of them. Certification also helps improve the overall quality of […]

The Benefits Of Proactive Patrols And Surveillance Techniques In Calgary Security Guard Work

proactive patrols

Proactive security guards in Calgary can make a huge difference in protecting people and businesses appropriately. Proactive patrols (aka Mobile Security Patrol) and surveillance techniques are becoming increasingly common as the technology available to security guards continues to improve. Using proactive patrols and surveillance, security guards maintain a watchful eye on the premises more practically. […]

The Importance Of Adhering To Patrol Routes In Calgary Security Guard Work

patrol routes in Calgary Security Guard Work

Adhering to patrol routes as a Calgary security guard is of the utmost importance to ensure your job duties are completed in an efficient and practical manner. Patrol routes involve making your designated rounds, checking in on or around businesses, identifying any suspicious activity or persons, and maintaining a safe environment. Moreover, these set routes […]

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