Examining The Pros And Cons Of Mandatory Security Guard Certification Requirements

Security Guard Certification Requirements

Security guard certification requirements are becoming increasingly popular in the security line of work as a result of a variety of pros and cons. On the plus side, mandatory security guard certification ensures that guards are well-trained and qualified to perform the job duties required of them. Certification also helps improve the overall quality of […]

The Benefits Of Proactive Patrols And Surveillance Techniques In Calgary Security Guard Work

proactive patrols

Proactive security guards in Calgary can make a huge difference in protecting people and businesses appropriately. Proactive patrols (aka Mobile Security Patrol) and surveillance techniques are becoming increasingly common as the technology available to security guards continues to improve. Using proactive patrols and surveillance, security guards maintain a watchful eye on the premises more practically. […]

Reporting Security Incidents At Calgary Events

Reporting Security Incidents at Calgary Events - Calgary Stampede

Security incidents at any event can be nerve-wracking and unpredictable. That’s why organizers in Calgary must take the right steps to document and report security incidents appropriately. When documenting and reporting security incidents, it’s important to record details like the date, time, location, names of involved parties (if known), physical evidence, witness accounts, and anything […]

The Importance Of Adhering To Patrol Routes In Calgary Security Guard Work

patrol routes in Calgary Security Guard Work

Adhering to patrol routes as a Calgary security guard is of the utmost importance to ensure your job duties are completed in an efficient and practical manner. Patrol routes involve making your designated rounds, checking in on or around businesses, identifying any suspicious activity or persons, and maintaining a safe environment. Moreover, these set routes […]

Exploring The Role Of Surveillance Cameras In Calgary Security Guard Work

Surveillance cameras have revolutionized the way security guard work is done in Calgary. They are an integral part of a Calgary security guard’s toolkit and offer numerous benefits to protecting public safety. Security guards can use surveillance cameras to monitor a large area or building from a single viewpoint, which leads to increased attention and […]

Understanding The Licensing Requirements For Security Guards In Calgary

Licensing requirements for security guards in Calgary are regulated by the Alberta Security Services and Investigators Act. This act specifies that all persons engaging in security services must be licensed to do so. The licensing process includes approval from the Registrar of Security Services, an identification check, a criminal record check (including specimen signatures and […]

The Basic Principles of Emergency Response Protocols for Calgary Security Guards

The safety of staff, guests, and appropriate is of almost important for anyone working in the security line of work. As such, Calgary security guards must be well-versed in emergency response protocols to ensure prompt and appropriate action during a crisis. At the most basic level, emergency response protocol involves assessing the situation to determine […]

Utilizing Technology for Improved Observation, Reporting, and Documentation for Security Guards in Calgary

With the increasing use of technology, security guards in Calgary are now able to utilize advanced technologies to improve their observation, reporting, and documentation procedures. Modernized surveillance equipment allows for increased visibility into security threats and potential safety issues without the cost or inconvenience of manual monitoring. Moreover, advancements in CCTV cameras have allowed for […]

5 Signs Your Calgary Building is Vulnerable to Crimes

In today’s world, you never know what will happen tomorrow. Abuilding can be safe and secure one moment, but then the next, it might become a crime-ridden space with poor security measures. However, signs to look out for indicate a building might be vulnerable to crimes sometime in the future. In this article, you’ll learn […]

The Importance Of Observing Security Protocols And Procedures In Calgary

Observing security protocols and procedures is of most importance to preserving the safety, integrity, and privacy of those living in Calgary. Without appropriate protocols and procedures in place, it would be impossible to practically protect those who are most vulnerable or valuable to society. By following standard security protocol, Calgary can remain a safe place […]

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